Active Adult Retirement Living in a Modern World

Active Adult Retirement Living in a Modern World

Retirement communities are plentiful in the current age, and are often age-restricted and are located near metropolitan areas. Seniors have many choices available to them as many developments are popping up all over the world. When a senior reaches an age where they wish to not be bothered by noise, excessive transportation nuisances among other things found in regular communities, they may want to consider an active adult community.

About Active Retirement Communities

The minimum age for an active community is generally 55 years old with a qualifying member of the household. Homes are spaced closer together and a lot of them are smaller. Most of the houses have the same designs so they might tend to resemble each other. Almost all of them offers a list of activities and amenities.


Many have associations, and dues that come with them. Part of the homeowner association fees pays for such amenities like:

  • Club House
  • Golf Courses
  • Fitness Centers
  • Libraries
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Spas
  • Education Classroom
  • Restaurants
  • Game Rooms

Benefits of Active Adult Retirement Living

There are plenty of benefits that lure seniors to be in an active adult retirement living.

  1. Mix work with play.

Many seniors today are not ready to have a life of a hundred percent leisure. Some wants to continue working or perhaps start a new career in their life. Homes in retirement living allows them to start their own career or continue what they want to do as the retirement communities generally include office, den, and separate workspace for them.

  1. Comradery

You will be joining people who have the same interest as you. People who like to read, garden, entertain, and other entertaining hobbies and interests that you want to do.

  1. Resort-living.

Doing such fun and entertaining activities in the community is an easy thing to do. Some fun-filled activities are located within walking distance and all fees are included.

Steps to take before choosing an active retirement community.

  • Decide where to live.

First, decide where you would like to live. Searching the net could help you choose where you want to be. You may consider the type of community you would want to find yourself in by weighing the pros and cons.

  • Know your wants and needs.

Think about the things that interests you or the things that you would want to continue to do. Make a list putting your highest priorities first.

  • Budget.

There are many types of financial plans that you can get but you also need to consider the fees in living in an active retirement community. Examples are basic cable tv, security services, and amenities like fitness centers.

  • Check out your transportation options.

You would want to know if there is a transportation for residents or if there is a shuttle bus. You don’t want to be stuck in your home and get bored all day.

  • Emergency services and hospitals.

Choose a retirement living community that is near enough to emergency services and hospitals. Some community in remote areas doesn’t include these facilities.

  • Security Services.

A manned gate and a 24-hour patrol is the best when it comes to security services. It is just so wonderful and it gives so much peace of mind.

Good luck in your search for a community you can feel at home in. With all the amenities, budget ranges, and options it can be a daunting task to find what is right for you. Let us know if there is anything we haven’t covered here that you would like to see! We love feedback from our readers.

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