Beating Prostate Cancer at its Own Game

Beating Prostate Cancer at its Own Game

Prostate cancer is the second leading cancer fatalities in men with lung cancer as the first. But before you freak out, you must remember that if detected early, the survival rate is a 100%! To beat prostate cancer before it even begins, you must be aware of the risk factors of prostate cancer. These factors are:

  • African-American men are more susceptible by 15% than their white counterparts.
  • Age is one of the major factors of this type of cancer. Periodic screening is essential for early detection.
  • Family members with a history of cancer can multiply the chances of contracting it.
  • Dietary and inactive lifestyle contributes to the development of cancer cells in the body.
  • Exposure to chemical Agent Orange during wartime has been linked to the prevalence prostate cancer in veterans.

Early Detection is Key

As with any form of cancer, early detection certainly raises the survival rate of a patient. Though there are more aggressive cancers out there, prostate cancer, if nipped at the bud early can beat the odds exceptionally.

The onset of prostate cancer is usually observed by the age of 50 years old and up. Despite the facts, several institutions are still debating on a standardized screening period. However, as a general rule, it is recommended to have it before you reach 50. That is around 45 years old and onwards. In addition to this, a yearly screening is certainly advantageous. On the other hand, men with a higher risk factor such as those mentioned above should be vigilant and have themselves screened as early as 40 years old.

A simple extraction of the patient’s blood is done and is analyzed for the prostatic specific antigen. A higher occurrence of the antigen would possibly indicate cancer. The downside of this is that benign tumors can also yield substantially similar results. A confirming biopsy can eliminate or reaffirm it.

Prostate cancer scares or any kind of cancer scare for that matter is terrible especially if you have your loved ones in a retirement home. However, worries can be reduced if you have a perfect facility to attend to the needs of the senior family member.

Finding the Right Facility That Cares

To be able to choose the perfect facility from thousands in the country, a mobile app is specially designed for this. The senior living technology app allows you to scout potential facilities in your chosen area in real time. This means vacancies would be posted real time as to reduce the physical motions of visiting sites and having to get rejected due to availability.

Since most elderly have difficulty moving and/or traveling, this app also shows the living accommodations and amenities of each facility including the services they offer. Most facilities conduct regular checkups such as routine blood work, dietary requirements and of course prostate screenings.

Seniors themselves can access this app helping them acquaint themselves with the facility grounds as to reduce the stress brought on by relocation. Teaching seniors technology such as apps can be challenging but it can be beneficial for all if accomplished.

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