Celebrating the Older Adults in Your Life

Celebrating the Older Adults in Your Life

With the busy lives that most of us deal with every day, it’s no wonder that some people nowadays spend less time with their elders. However, it is important to make room for them in our lives because if there’s anything that they need the most, it is time and attention from their loved ones.

The first step to take as you celebrate the lives of the elders in your life is to quash all the misconceptions that you may have about seniors so you could better understand them like their temperament, the way they deal with their health, and even their opinion about teaching seniors technology.

Myths About Seniors

There are various myths that younger generations have about seniors that sometimes it affects how we treat them. If you will take the time and spend moments with them perhaps by volunteering on a retirement home or a care home for the elderly, you’ll find out that some of these ideas aren’t really true. Here are some of the misconceptions about seniors that you may need to know.

  1. Adults nearing 60 years of age start feeling old.

    Not true. According to some research, about 60% of adults over 60 years of age doesn’t feel too old at all. Most of them, especially those who have a positive outlook on life, feel younger than their age.

  2. Seniors have poor health.

    Although it is true that as one gets older, the health deteriorates due to aging, health experts believe that lifestyle has a lot to do with it. If elderly stays connected with their family and friends, keeps exercising a part of daily routine, choose healthy food options, and manages stress, he will more likely live longer.

  3. Seniors are ill-tempered and often cranky.

    False. According to study, happiness and contentment of older adults grow as they turn 50. This is the age where they feel more fulfilled in life and become more in touch with themselves.

  4. Older adults are no longer interested in learning especially things related to senior living technology and social media.

Elderly people learn differently but they are willing. However, it would take a lot for the one teaching them especially if the elders are already experiencing hearing or vision loss.

With all these information, here are some of the things that you can do as you celebrate the older adults in your life:

  1. Talk to them as often as you can. You can ask about their day and encourage them to share stories. Make a real connection by making them feel that they are important and that you like spending time with them.
  2. Do activities together. It can be a simple walk in the park, cooking their favorite food, taking special classes together, or joining them in their hobbies.
  3. Come with them during medical check-ups.
  4. Patiently teach them how to use social media so they can connect more with you, your other family members and their friends.
  5. Write them a letter. Tell them how thankful you are that they are in your life and how much you appreciate them.

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