Choosing To Move To An Independent Living Community

Choosing To Move To An Independent Living Community

Look at you, all grown up and serious looking. You are no longer the child who ran around aimlessly as your mother earnestly pursued you like the wind, all over the house. Nowadays, you are busy chasing your dreams and facing life like a capable adult.

Right now, your mother and father are becoming wise in age. The need to consider alternate living options creeps up, and quickly finds itself on the table of discussion. Our parents deserve all the love and respect, as well as the due diligence in finding the right home to continue their amazing lives. So, do you need guidance on how to help your aging seniors transition to senior living?  Here are some suggestions for you:

Step 1: Have a Sit-Down and Talk about It

Your parents or relatives are usually still in control, even if you are making all the decisions. Some have already made their preparations. According to a study on Independent living, women started thinking about their retirement options as early as 45 years. They might surprise you, and your work may end before it starts by simply implementing their plans. It is a happy thought, but what if this isn’t the case and you need to plan?

In plan B, you introduce the independent living option to them from a place of love. Give them plenty of time to think about all aspects, and to come up with their response and feedback. It is a great idea not to do it alone and without consult. If you have family members, who are in independent living communities, enlist their help.

Be ready for rejection, but don’t give up. You also gave parents a hard time at some point – so try to be patient during this transition. Anyway, plant this seed early in their mind. They will think about it, research and warm up to the idea. In the end, don’t expect a natural yes.

Step 2: Wait, Stay Positive and Maintain Patience

After planting the idea of living in an independent community in their brain, grow that seed. Focus on the benefits of senior living. It is easy to become impatient though, and worry. Try to keep calm and examine all options closely. As you worry, your loved ones are possibly coming to terms with the decision and determining their feeling about retirement. Although, you can pre-empt and attempt to answer all their concerns. It would be great to have a plan in place to solve your concerns before this point, but that seldom happens.

Step 3: Plan, and Plan for the Future

It may be months or years before your parent or relative listen to your requests that it is time to transition. During this time, find a few prospective residences and find out all you can about the communities. Ask all the questions you have and come up with scenarios to help your family member prepare once they decide to opt for independent living.

Also, plan the finances. If you are going to contribute, find out the amount you can provide. Make sure that all of the parties are in one accord with the financial aspects and try to leave a buffer for unplanned events. Have guidelines and plan before you act.

Seek Support

These moments sometimes can lead to tears and sad feelings –so it is helpful to build a support system too. Reach out to your siblings first and other family members. Some people have great influence over us: Find them. You are doing the right thing by opting for independent Living.

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