Computer Software Simplified for Seniors

Computer Software Simplified for Seniors

Just because someone’s getting old does not mean that they deserve to be left out on all the technological advancements that humanity is currently making. A lack of understanding of how basic computer software work should not hinder seniors from making the best out of this digital era. Outlined below are the benefits

Simplified technology

As people of old age, they do not have the benefit of mastering technology for their entire lives. That is exactly why a facilitative app is perfect because the software simplifies all the gadget’s functions. Frequently used features such as Skype calls, messaging, and taking photos can be just one click away instead of multiple ones. Most features may even be voice-activated for the seniors who are visually-challenged.

It is free

A lot of these apps are free. One prime example is Eldy, an Italian nonprofit organization. Their software is available across 25 languages and on different operating systems which include Windows, Linux, and Ios. There may be added fees for other features but they are definitely worth the price. These features include a remote access feature which enables family members to access a senior’s gadget interface to monitor his activities.

It can improve healthcare

Another benefit of allowing senior living technology is the potential to improve their healthcare. Having this app can provide them with a degree of independence to do things on their own, which helps boost morale and also takes time off from a caregiving relative. It is also useful especially if we consider that health increments may occur at any time, and an app that specifically markets care facilities nearby may be able to provide immediate attention and care.

It is customizable

Senior citizen needs vary from one person to the next. But that is not a problem because the software can be tailored to exactly what they need. For instance, the color contrast of the screen can be adjusted to the level that the senior finds most comfortable. The instant access buttons can be customized to what they frequently do. The software may even be customized to only respond to a specific senior’s voice! The options are limitless.

Realtime support is available

These senior facilitative apps offer a 24/7 support system that is ready to answer any query that seniors may have. This attentive support group hastens the process of a senior to get accustomed to technology. Their availability also helps seniors feel less intimidated by technology. A support system makes technology appear less daunting and it will make senior citizens more willing to learn.

Senior family members deserve all the love they could get. With the help of a facilitative app, their quality of life will be significantly improved. Getting connected with senior loved ones would no longer be a problem. Surveillance over their health and well-being will be made easier, too. But the best benefit of all is the fact that despite their old age, they are not missing out on living their lives in this technological era.

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