Desktop vs. Apps

Desktop vs. Apps

Most people nowadays are using their smartphones and tablets to check emails and messages rather than their desktop computers.  Smartphones are becoming one of the most important devices because of the convenience it offers and its portability.

Technology has made our lives easier.  As the younger population are benefitting from technology, seniors are also catching up and learning senior living technology. Let us understand how these devices improve our senior’s lives.


Desktop computers have been around for quite some time.  These computers are not that handy as compared to smartphones, but it also has features that the compact phone does not have. For one, the bigger screen makes it easier to read, browse and navigate in the desktop computer.

In terms of power, desktop computers need to be plugged into a power source. This may also require the use of UPS or AVR. On the other hand, laptop computers are portable and it is easier to bring them anywhere. But, it is still best to carry a spare battery or a power bank because some laptops don’t last that long without plugging them into the wall.


Apps are usually installed using a smartphone. However, desktop computers also have their own apps. There are different apps in google apps for android and app store for iPhones. There are virtually dozens of apps that one can choose from. From games to business apps, name it, they have it. Some apps are free while others require payment. These apps can be accessed anytime, anywhere as long as you have a smartphone. Some may require internet while some may not.

How These Benefits Our Seniors

Desktop and mobile apps are very beneficial for our seniors. Most seniors would use them for playing games and leisure. However, one of the most important uses of these devices is communication. With the help of mobile apps and desktop computers, our seniors can easily call and converse with their loved ones wherever they are around the globe.

Because it is more handy and convenient, with its touchscreen features, most seniors use smartphones. This has become one of the most important and useful senior living technology. According to a survey, 20% of Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app users are aged 55 years old and above. Other apps that seniors enjoy using are Ymail, Solitaire, and Words with Friends.

This is no surprise that our seniors are also using their time in technology and internet stuff. It is not only the younger people who are online and into apps but also our elderlies. Teaching seniors technology is good for them in many ways.

Using these apps for seniors are quite entertaining. In fact, technology made the lives of our seniors easier and safer. It also allows them to live independently. For some who are in senior care, it helps them to get updated on what’s going on with the world, communicate with their loved ones and for entertainment.

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