Do Online Web Directories Work to Market Assisted Living

Do Online Web Directories Work to Market Assisted Living

Do Online Directories Really Work to Market Assisted Living?    

April 9, 2019 by Steve Gilbert 



Do Online Directories Really Work to Market Assisted Living Homes and Communities?


According to Market by Market - ask...What kind of directory are they trying to pitch you on?  For example, let’s say you’re an assisted living in Chandler, AZ and they want you to be on their directory.  Do searches for ‘Assisted Living Chandler’, ‘Assisted Living in Chandler, AZ’ etc. on a search engine like Google.  If their directory doesn’t come up, how will consumers or professionals helping consumers find you if they can’t even get to the directory?  




If you have not had success marketing in the past with an online directory - hope this sheds light on potentially why.


What makes Realtime Senior Living different? 


I’m asked daily, especially from Residential Assisted Living and Communities that have not had success with online directories that offer a free limited listing, or a paid listing to be first on the directory site.


First....because we are not an online directory.   We provide our phone/tablet Search App and now web-search app to all the referral sources who work with patients and clients searching NOW in your area - they search for Free and Directly Connect to the option that meets their needs.   The ease of customizing your search by zip, care needs, price (including Medicaid/ALTCs in AZ) - is why they start the search with Realtime Senior Living.


Most importantly, "real-time" availability data.   Updated right from a smart phone or tablet with regular reminders that pop up ensure it is up to date.  Online websites CAN’T DO THAT - so often the data is stale, outdated or inaccurate - thus not reliable!


Finally, we are affordable to Residential Assisted Living and Communities:  $399 per year - unlimited marketing of rooms.  


Advances in technology allow us to reduce our costs and we pass the savings on to you!! to see videos of our solutions and how easy they are to use.  


Then Download Realtime Senior Living Update app to your phone or tablet and start marketing your available options or search.  


Launched October 2017, Realtime Senior Living is quickly changing how Residential Assisted Living and Communities share availability and directly connect with those searching now!!


Call or email us to get started, we are here to support you each step of the way!

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