Download Instructions

Download Instructions

Simple, Fast and Easy to Share "Realtime" available options.

It is Simple, Fast and Easy.


Here is how to get your FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION:


Go to: on your smart phone or computer browser now.

  1. Register as a first time user.
  2. Select the type of facility (Assisted Living, Independent Living, Secured Memory Care)
  3. Search for your home/community from our database - use the search by license number or name.
  4. Enter the appropriate Use Code below for your Free One Year subscription - Make sure to select the appropriate code to reflect the total homes/communities you own/manage so you can share all your vacancies:

o   1HomeFREE  - (own 1 home use this code)

o   5HomesFREE  - (own 2-5 homes use this code)

o   10HomesFREE  (own 6-10 homes use this code)


o   1CommunityFREE (own 1 community use this code)




After registering online, now we'll add the app to your phone to update availability.  Apple iPhone/iPad - App Store.  Android/Google - Play Store.  Search for Realtime Senior Living Update app (green house logo in picture).  You will use this app to update availability going forward.

  1. Get or Download the Realtime Senior Living Update app on your smart device (phone or tablet)
  2. Login with the email and password you used to register on the Realtime website.
  3. Select the community you want to update availability.
  4. Make sure you say “YES” to allowing notifications, as these are your weekly reminders to keep your information up to date.  You must update weekly your correct room availability.
  5. Do you have rooms available right now?  Click Yes to get started.
  6. Click the + to add room(s). Add all the rooms you have available.
  7. Once all your information is complete - click Submit and your home/community is “live” on our platform!
  8. There are three “dots” in the top right-hand corner of your Realtime App. Click on those to find your facilities, update your profiles, and check your search “statistics” . The “statistics” show how many times your home/community has come up in a search in a rolling month.

Now Download our Realtime Search app too (orange house logo in the picture)

  1. Download the Realtime Search so you can search your facility to check for correct information and to show others how to search for your room availability. Also, you will soon be able to search for services in your area too (home health, hospice, mobile doctors/services etc.).


Once you have finished registration, you will receive an email from Realtime Senior Living with information on how to best self-market your facility with the Realtime Search app to all your potential referring industry partners.


Welcome to the future with Realtime Senior Living!  


Email us with questions or marketing ideas


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