House Calls? Check These Web-Based Medical Apps

House Calls? Check These Web-Based Medical Apps

In this day and age, teaching seniors technology can be greatly beneficial. Many developments and upgrades that have sprung out in the digital world have only been key tools in making our lives a lot more convenient.

Take medical services, for example. Senior citizens, most especially, will require attention on a constant basis from a doctor or a nurse, especially if they happen to be dealing with an illness due to old age. These days, there are several apps which can help make this easier for them, and give them the care that they need.

American Well: Doctor’s Appointments at Your Convenience

The development of senior living technology through the use of online medical apps is indeed a breakthrough in modern health care. This works well for those who are unable to physically bring themselves to the doctor’s office but require immediate medical attention.

For this specific purpose, the best tool to go for is a mobile app called American Well. Basically, this app that is compatible across all platforms grants users instant access to a seasoned doctor who has been in practice for at least 10 to 15 years. All of them are also trained, board certified and licensed to be give top-quality service to patients.

American Well also provides all the necessary information that the user needs about their physician, including their full backgrounds and photos. They usually communicate through live video-on-demand, which costs $49 for a full ten-minute session.

Urgent Care: Instant Access to a Nurse

Here is the scenario: you are a senior citizen who chose to live on your own, but you suddenly found yourself in a bout with the flu. This may have been easy to just brush off in your younger years, but in this tender age, you would want to find a remedy for that right away and not let it progress into something much worse.

If your illness is something that does not require urgent attention, you may want to check out the app called Urgent Care. Similar to American Well, Urgent Care gives anyone instant access to a registered nurse who may help them deal with whatever situation they are in. And if necessary, these nurses are also ready to escalate the problems to a doctor, who in turn, would serve the corresponding diagnosis and prescriptions for medication.

In order to be given access to communicate with a registered nurse, users must first pay an amount of $3.99 through either iTunes or Google Play. Other than that, they can ensure their immediate needs will be attended to with just one touch of a button.

Technology has indeed developed in leaps and bounds compared to how things were just around a decade ago. Nowadays, almost everyone is given access to convenient health care through various mobiles apps that can be downloaded online. It will all come down to teaching seniors technology and orienting them about how to utilize it to their advantage.

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