How Senior Living is Adapting to the Fast Growth in Senior Technology

How Senior Living is Adapting to the Fast Growth in Senior Technology

Unlike before, seniors nowadays have many housing options to choose from.  A good senior living home will allow them to live a healthier and more comfortable life without taking away their independence.

Elders want to live to the fullest, without having too many things to worry about such as access to immediate needs and services. Senior living communities have become a great option for these seniors who wish to enjoy while knowing they are cared for in a senior-friendly environment.

With the emergence of various technologies and gadgets, it is not an unusual sight to see an elderly using a smartphone, laptop, or playing games on a tablet. Our seniors are also keeping up with technology same ways as the younger generation. Like everyone else they use it for reading news, communicating and leisure.

Seniors Keeping up with the Millennials

A study shows that 66% of US citizens aged 65 and above are using the Internet. This only proves that seniors nowadays are no longer ignorant of Internet technology, like it used to be.

Senior living technology now includes the need for a good Internet connection to cater to our elderly. Gone are the days when the younger populations are the only ones complaining when there is a problem with the internet speed or connection.  And, when playing games, seniors will definitely be at the back either supporting or playing as another user from a different device.

Having an internet connection in a senior living facility benefits us and our seniors. We can make use of such advancement to connect with them anywhere around the globe. The benefit of having a senior who knows how to use Skype and other social media platforms is enumerable for relatives and caregivers. Just imagine being able to communicate with just a few clicks.

To use technology for pure leisure is not really advisable. Furthermore, one of the most important reasons for using technology in senior living facilities and community is that it helps improve safety and makes tasks easier. It helps nurses and caregivers provide optimum quality care to the seniors. It also helps automate a few things such as the turning on or off lights, appliances or having an automated door lock and security system will make our senior’s living even more at ease.

To live in a smart home or community can help our seniors in a lot of ways. Alarms are there to notify authorities and staff about accidents or anything that is out of the norm. Living in this type of community will make them feel safe knowing that help is accessible.

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