How to Close The Technology Gap Among Seniors

How to Close The Technology Gap Among Seniors

As of today, a lot of senior Americans still don’t the Internet. It is an estimated 15 percent of seniors or about 37 million people who don’t subscribe to technology. The primary reasons are due to poverty and the lack of education. It is quite unfair that while the rest of the world can use the Internet to browse for job opportunities and to connect with other people, seniors are being left behind. It is understandable as to why they might refuse to learn how to use technology to their advantage. It is an unfamiliar concept that they did not grow up with and it may appear to be daunting to them. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to be able to bridge this technology gap among seniors.

Start with the basics

Introduce the whole concept of the Internet first. Build a solid foundation of information in the seniors’ minds so that they will understand things more easily thereafter. Allowing them to take baby steps in learning about technology will entice them into learning more about it. Discuss all the benefits of using technology to let them see the practical side of learning about it.

Give clear tutorials

Walk them through the applications and entertain their questions. Show patience and reward any small milestone. It is important for them to feel like they can readily clarify things because it is so much easier for them to just give up. Ask the senior to regularly practice for him to easily get the hang on how to operate the app.

Use an app that is optimized for seniors

In the same way that there are applications specifically made for children, there are actually applications exclusively for seniors. The great thing about their interface is that all the frequently-used commands can be simplified. The senior living technology also has a real-time exchange of information and an active customer service to attend to every query. These questions can range from inquiries about the app itself and about anything else. The good thing about these apps is the idea that you can provide surveillance over seniors even if you are not physically with them.

Give wearable technology

Wearable technology is an ideal addition to their wardrobe. These include pedometers and smart watches. The aforementioned are greatly focused on the health aspect which can improve the quality of life of seniors. The pedometers can measure if the said senior citizen was able to walk off the necessary miles per day that will optimize his health. Smart watches also have built-in apps such as a heart rate monitor and a shortcut to calling 911 in cases of emergencies. Senscient individuals need extra attention in terms of their health statuses.

With the aforementioned tips, you should get a clear guide on teaching seniors technology. The process of teaching them should always be facilitated because they can get discouraged on their own. They don’t deserve to be left out on such an amazing technological breakthrough.

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