How to Improve Your Family Tours

How to Improve Your Family Tours

Winning more business - starts with a great tour!
The do's and don'ts

April 27, 2019 by Steve Gilbert, Founder and CEO of Realtime Senior Living 


A potential family has found your home or community.  Now it is time to demonstrate why they should choose you.  What do you do?  Today we share what we've found in seeing hundreds of tours over the years - what works and what doesn't.


Do:  Sit down and ask questions about them and the person who will live in the home or community.  Find out their needs, wants, desires and timelines.


Don't:  Show them the home or community first - you don't even know what their needs are yet - and if you can meet them.


Do:  After you know their needs, talk about your programs and home or community, and how you will ensure the needs of their loved one or client will be met.  Talk about similar clients who you have taken care of in similar situations (not specific names - speak in general terms of similar situations).


Don't:  Show them the room of the person who recently passed and tell them this now available - no one wants to think about someone else - they want to know how you will take care of their loved one.

Do:  Offer to show them the home or community after you clearly understand their needs.  Point out the common areas that everyone can join, have great conversations, play games, relax and even take a nap.  You want them to feel like this is their place too.  For example..."3-times a week (or more if you want) we will ensure they have bathed and always have them dressed and ready to take on the world each morning."


Don't:  Simply walk around telling them what they can see - this is the living room, this is a private room, this is a master room - this is the bathroom...they can see that.  They need to understand how their loved one or client will fit in and be cared for.   


Do:  Focus on the needs of the potential client and how you will solve them.  Ask clarifying questions to ensure you fully understand what is expected - and then share how you will solve for that.


Don't:  Simply say we can handle everything.


Do:  Explain how meals are prepared, how you can accommodate special requests and diets, and if family members are welcome.  Discuss special holidays and birthdays - and what you do to celebrate.


Don't:  Say we provide 3 meals and snacks.


Do:  Ensure you can communicate clearly and effectively in the language spoken by the client.  


Don't:  Rely on a care giver to do a tour.  They may not know all of the services, the pricing, how you determine if the client is a good fit.  Especially if the language of the client is not spoken clearly and effectively.  Speaking the language clearly is often a key aspect in choosing the right home.


Do:  Introduce them to the staff and provide background - especially if it highlights how you will care for the client.  Focus on meeting their needs and wants.


Don't:  Simply say we have caregivers to care for them.

Finally, always ensure the home or community is clean, picked up, and has a good odor and scent.  These things are the first impression - and you want it to always be positive.  If the walls are beat up - paint them...if cabinets are broken - fix them.  These things matter.


This is not an overnight stay - the potential clients want to know they will be cared for, loved, in a good environment, and safe.  Senior Living provides Trust, Safety, Care, Comfort - not a pillow and a bed.  Best of luck and let us know how your next tour goes!

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