How To Market Your Senior Living Community Effectively For Those Searching

How To Market Your Senior Living Community Effectively For Those Searching

No matter how you slice it, marketing senior living facilities is tough. There are plenty of marketing ideas to choose from when promoting your care facility. It is important to target both patients and caregivers with your marketing technique.

Starting about 10 years ago, there was a big push to replace the term “retirement community” with “senior living community.” At the same time, “senior living” was gaining preference as the descriptor for the field as a whole, replacing “senior housing.” Both had their impetus in the emergence of wellness as a driving force and the conscious desire to position communities against the stereotype of “the home.”

Techniques To Market Senior Living

In order to stand out among the crowded market for assisted living facilities, you should have an effective marketing strategy.

Here are some techniques to market your facility:

  • Know Your Audience. The first rule in marketing is knowing who your target markets are. It’s being aware what your target market needs, wants, and is looking for.
  • List your facility on Realtime Senior Living Search App. Realtime Senior Living Search App is a Search Query App that provides searchers with available Realtime senior living options and care services. This app helps to give you critical time back to focus on what matters most – your family and clients. Some benefits to using Realtime are giving you updates to referral sources in Realtime, and being a perfect match between your vacancies and the professionals seeking senior living for their clients.
  • Referral Marketing Bonus. A referral marketing plan allows you to promote your assisted living facility through “word-of-mouth marketing,” which is when other people help market your services for you. Give incentives for your patients and their families when they refer an individual to your living facility. An example of this is giving a discount on their lodging fees for months, free meals, or even a cash reward for current patients at your facility who refer other patients. In this way, you can get more people who would want to live in your assisted living facility because of others experiences.
  • Host An Open House. Another way to market your assisted living facility is to host an open house. If you still don’t have websites, you can place an ad in your local newspaper to announce your event. You can give incentives to those who will come such as free food and drinks. After that, you can take them on tours of your facility and answer each question they have about assisted living facility.
  • Start blogging. Most websites now have blogs integrated in them. You may also find some blog tools and resources online. Try to think about all the needs your prospects would search for on the web and answer them. Then turn that into your first blog post.
  • Create A Newsletter. This could help you stay in constant contact with patients and caregivers who may want your service. Ask every person who visits your assisted living facility or you can make a request information about their mailing address or even their email address.
  • Social Media Advertising. You can make your own website or page about your assisted living facility and let the mass know about it. It would be the fastest and easiest way to market your facility. You can use facebook, twitter, instagram, and other websites to update future contacts about the assisted living facility.
  • Market For Free Online. You can actually hire a graphic designer and copywriter to help you build a website. Once you have this, you can use the different variety of no cost marketing tools online. People looking for assisted living facilities will be able to find your business when they do web searches.

Be passionate about what you market. Marketing your assisted living facility is about relationships, and relationships are about trust. If you believe in what you have to offer, prospects and families will believe in you also.

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