Importance of Seniors to Embrace Technology

Importance of Seniors to Embrace Technology

There has been a common misconception for a long time that technology and seniors simply do not mesh. Although it is true that a portion of seniors feels slightly intimidated by newer technology or unequipped to use it correctly, the truth is that more and more seniors are embracing technology each year.

Many seniors are overcoming barriers and adapting to technologies such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and more. These seniors are finding that technology can open up new possibilities for them and can make them feel more independent.

Seniors see advantages to keeping up with technology

While seniors are generally considered “late adopters” for most technology, more and more older people are beginning to embrace the digital age.

A few of the perks seniors experience with their technology usage:

  • Having access to a computer and the internet allows older adults to keep up-to-date on news and current events, play brain-stimulating games (my own mother loves Words with Friends), and research the latest information on topics from medical conditions to travel to healthy recipes.
  • Email and social media sites like Facebook help seniors stay in touch with each other as well as family; in fact, over a quarter of seniors are utilizing these sites, according to Pew.
  • Tools like Skype and Apple’s FaceTime allow seniors to actually see friends and loved ones who may live far away.
  • Highly portable tablets (like iPads) and e-books (like Kindles) are increasingly popular with the older set and can be helpful for aging eyes as a book’s text is brighter and can be magnified if needed.
  • Smartphones are a convenient way for seniors to stay connected via voice, email, or text. And more and more seniors are trading in their old flip-phones for a new smartphone.

Health Benefits of Technology

Most would probably look at this insurgence as something weird. Come on, how many of us have cringed with the knowledge that our parents want to be friends with us on Facebook? And be honest, how many of you are actively looking at tablets or laptops as gifts for your parents or grandparents this holiday season, just so they’ll stop using your computer or tablet?

However, this new trend may have some very beneficial properties to it, especially in the case of seniors who may be living in a home alone or who has recently transitioned into that of an assisted living community. Most of us have probably moved out of the city or even state, which leaves grandma or grandpa at home alone, or in the case of those who have transitioned to that of assisted living communities, they might be in a new environment and may want to keep to themselves.

Staying in touch with friends and loved ones is beneficial to the mental health of seniors, and with today’s digital devices, it is easier than ever to keep connected.

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