List of Discounts Seniors Didn’t Know

List of Discounts Seniors Didn’t Know

Senior discounts are offered to senior citizens in the acknowledgment that they are less able to pay for the things they need. If you’re a senior or you know one who’s looking to save off a few bucks, then this article is for you! There are a lot of products and services that seniors can get discounts for. The promotions for such discounts are usually posted online and by teaching seniors technology, they can search for nearby discounts themselves! Listed below are a few examples of discounts that not every senior knows about.

Cruise trip deals

Cruise trips are a popular venture among seniors. These types of travels are all-inclusive and very relaxing. There are activities, drinks, and world-class cuisine that can be enjoyed by elders. It is the perfect opportunity to unwind. It is a great combination of sightseeing and relaxing. There are multiple websites online that offer a huge variety of discounts for seniors. These companies include Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean.


Medication is an inevitable part of human life, and one’s necessity for it increases with age. Medication is particularly important among retirees, which justifies this discount. Seniors can avail of this discount by simply inquiring at the customer service desk of their pharmacy of choice. Some pharmaceutical companies will also send seniors a discount card that can be used with their partner stores.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are perfect for senior homeowners. Having an alarm system is a good investment, particularly for seniors who reside alone. One cannot put a price tag on the value of safety. Installing a home alarm system can also help you cut down about ten to twenty percent on house insurance costs. Aside from attaining a new layer of security, house alarm systems can also be used for life-threatening emergencies that require immediate attention. At the instance that a senior is suffering from a heart attack, for example, the system can be used to alert the local authorities for immediate response.


A lot of trendy shops give senior citizens discounts off their purchases. For instance, Banana Republic offers a 10% discount to individuals aged fifty and up. Seniors aged 60 and up can get 15% off from Kohl’s on Wednesdays. The list goes on and on. Just be sure to maximize the use of senior living technology apps to look up great discount deals. Always bring your senior citizen identification card with you whenever you are shopping to be able to avail of the discount.

The list for such discounts goes on and on. Food places and amusement parks offer discounts to seniors, too. You can be knowledgeable about these promotions by maximizing technology to your advantage. A simple research can give you numerous stores that can help you save money in the long run.

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