List of Shared Technology Benefits for Seniors and Caregivers

List of Shared Technology Benefits for Seniors and Caregivers

Technology is a wonderful breakthrough that benefits almost everyone. The senior citizens are the only sector of society that does not actively participate in technology usage. This is primarily due to the newness of it and their lack of knowledge about it. To entice them into using it, the shared technology between seniors and caregivers has become a trend. In this scenario, seniors can use technology with their caregivers. It makes the concept appear less daunting and intimidating in their eyes because they have someone to answer their queries. Shared technology also makes it easier to teach seniors technology. Outlined below are the benefits of technology to share between seniors and their respective caregivers.

Social connection

Staying cooped up in a senior home significantly limits a senior’s social connections with the rest of the world. Family members won’t always have the time to visit and senior friends may not always be plentiful. According to United Healthcare’s 2012 survey of centenarians, staying socially engaged is very important to keep a senior healthy. In this case, technology can be utilized to connect a senior with the rest of the world while being in the comfort of the senior home. Video chat and social media can help them stay connected with their families. They can still witness pivotal family moments via video chat and they won’t be left out.


Being old means that you are no longer in your prime. You are more susceptible to illnesses and diseases than anybody else due to the senescence of your body cells. With technology, help can be immediately afforded to you when you need it. Any senior must have a personal emergency response system (PERS) to arrive at their doorstep at the instance of a heart attack or other injuries. As for seniors with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia, they may tend to wander off and get lost. Technology can be utilized to affix a GPS tracker on them so as to monitor if they go off premises which is tantamount to being lost and exposing themselves to harmful elements.

Medication management

Medicine is a crucial part of every senior’s life. There are some diseases that one can only acquire through old age and needs regular medication. Seniors often have a hard time tracking their medication and this could potentially lead to missing intakes or overdose. According to a 2009 survey by Medco Health Solutions, more than half of the older adult respondents said they took at least five different prescription drugs regularly, and 25 percent said they took between 10 and 19 pills a day. Thankfully, there are smartphone applications that can send “alerts” as to when one should take a pill, and which pill it should be. This can reduce the number of cases for missed medications and can prevent errors.

A senior’s old age must not be a deterrent for them to miss out on the wonders of technology. The aforementioned benefits can be acquired once this technology is made available to them, and shared with their caregivers who can guide them through it and could more effectively take care of them through technology.

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