New Gadgets: Game Changer Among Seniors

New Gadgets: Game Changer Among Seniors

Teaching our seniors technology may take a lot of time and patience. But, it has a lot of benefits that will make their lives more convenient as well as make it easier for their families and caregivers to take care of them.

Sensors and digital devices that act as personal assistants, for example, are fast becoming popular nowadays as part of senior living technology. These sensors allow seniors to be better-taken care of because of its amazing features such as notifying their families and caregivers if there’s anything the seniors need.

Whether your parents or grandparents are staying in your home, their own house or an assisted living facility, you can be assured of their safety which will definitely give you peace of mind.

A study reveals that Internet usage and senior living technology has grown quickly in the recent years to 43% through social media and other beneficial apps. Although some seniors find it hard to adapt to the vastly changing world, more and more elders aged 65 and above are slowly learning because they began to recognize its benefits such as the following:


With the help of apps developed for seniors, it becomes easier for them to handle their needs with less supervision of caregivers. Sensors at home and digital personal assistants, as mentioned earlier, are fast becoming popular in the senior living community as it enables them to buy their needs online such as medicines and groceries. Virtual reality systems, on the other hand, allow seniors to go on virtual vacations during their free time.


Gadgets and apps allow seniors to communicate with their families and longtime friends. They may not be able to see them all the time but senior living technology made getting close to their loved ones so much easier through online messaging. They can exchange photos, videos and long emails and messages through several platforms.

Social Connectedness

Seniors, especially those who live in assisted living facilities, have the tendency to feel lonely and isolated due to physical separation from their families and loved ones. They may find new friends in the facility they’re living in but being with the people they are close with and seeing their family, talking to them and knowing what’s happening to them is a whole lot different. Using social media networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram now makes it easier to feel connected to their loved ones. Aside from getting in touch with them, they can now be more updated about what’s new about them and also be more aware of what’s happening in the world.

Mind and Body Stimulation

Who said that video games and mobile apps can only be enjoyed by young ones? There are games that are easy to play and have health benefits for seniors. Some video games can help stimulate their minds, improve their concentration and attention span, sharpen their memories and maintain their other cognitive functions.

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