Promoting Senior Well-Being Through Technology

Promoting Senior Well-Being Through Technology

When the children have already grown up and had families on their own, seniors may find it hard to be engaged within their community. Aside from health issues, it can also be challenging for seniors to keep up with trends and technology. Depression is also a common problem among the elderly. But through technology, seniors can get back their independence, self-confidence and live a better life.

Technology to Improve Quality of Life

Smart tools are available to help seniors lead a healthier life physically and emotionally. Through caregivers and family members, they would be able to understand technology and benefit from it. About 10,000 Americans turn 65 years old every day according to a study done by Social Security Administration. For some, they would prefer to live independently. As for nursing homes, the number could be overwhelming. With technology, nursing homes may be able to provide the kind of support seniors need in this phase of their lives.  

The Internet has made our lives easier, faster and convenient. It is also leveraging where seniors will be able to live independently and live fully. Some senior living amenities have started to integrate technology to be able to serve the elderlies more effectively.

Technology for Better Health of Seniors

Tools are available for seniors to take advantage of to monitor health status. Wearable sensor technology can be taken with them wherever they go to monitor changes in well-being. It is a cost-efficient way to monitor health statistics immediately and alert health personnel for potential problems before a major crisis hits.

Seniors are prone to social isolation due to hearing loss. This can lead to lack of self-confidence or purpose. It’s devices like Eversound that greatly benefit seniors to enjoy being part of the community once again. It is an easy to wear wireless headset minus the hassle of complex buttons and instructions. Just like any wearable device, they just simply use like a regular headset. With this device, they can enjoy fully any activities within a group activity outside or within the facility. This works well with a hearing aid and volumes can be adjusted according to preference.

Engagement is another element for senior care. It could be due to poor hearing that they are unlikely to sustain long conversations. This may lead to loneliness and withdrawal from other people. With quality hearing aids, they will be able to hear and communicate clearly and establish meaningful relationships with the people around them.

Program compliance may be another aspect that some seniors have difficulty following with. Some healthcare providers may sense the reluctance from seniors participating in any assisted living programs and events. Group participation may also be difficult for them because of poor hearing. With senior technology like Eversound, they are likely to be more engaged and enjoy events in the facility.

Senior technology promotes positive feelings of self-worth and independence. With some assistance from loving family members and senior care assistants, the risk for depression and loneliness could be prevented. Teaching seniors to understand technology should be kept as simple as possible for them to enjoy the benefits of using it.

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