Senior Technology Helps in Saving Money and Need to Hire Care Givers

Senior Technology Helps in Saving Money and Need to Hire Care Givers

As children of senior living family, it is your responsibility to make sure the senior is comfortable, and their needs have been taken care of appropriately. One of the ways to do this is employing someone to look after the seniors so as to remind them when they should take medication and many other needs they may have. Alternatively, you might need to graduate your loved one to the senior living community where there are full-time paid caregivers. This is all in an effort to make sure the senior is enjoying their everyday life.

Did you know that you can use senior technology to achieve good care of your mom or dad without having to pay heavily out of pocket? There are several ways to achieve this. Therefore you get to reduce the number of people to hire, and you get a good chance to monitor the progress of your loved one every day.  So how is this possible?

Use Senior Technology to Remind Senior Living Residents What They Need to Do

You can use senior living technology to remind him or her to take medication. This is through the use of mobile apps so that the senior living resident can always be on time to meals, drink water and even exercise. In this regard, you will not need very close supervision hence you save the money that could have been used to pay someone. For the senior living community caregivers, you also don’t have to employ people to look after the tens of seniors living in the community since you can potentially use the same senior technology to remind the senior living residents what they should be doing. Therefore embrace technology and save more money by possibly employing less staff.

Use of Technology to Closely Monitor What Is Happening at Home

When the senior living family member is left at home alone, it becomes necessary to keep checking on them. Sometime you will need to call him or her so as to confirm they are doing well. However, through technology such as motion detectors, and surveillance systems, you can achieve this from your office. You need to install the motion detectors and then you can tell when the senior is active in the house or when they are not very active. This can be advanced through CCTV which when installed at home you will be able to log in remotely and observe the senior is okay. This will save you the need to take the senior to hospitals and also prevents the need to travel to check on them.

Use of Technology to Keep Senior Living Members Engaged and Lively

We have the mobile applications now that can give the senior living home an active culture throughout. A good example is the chat platforms that he/she can use to join groups of other senior living members. Therefore if you are living with the senior person, buy him or her a device and teach them how to use it. You don’t necessarily need to hire someone to keep them entertained.

Technology has a lot of positive impact on the lives of people, what is important is making sure it is used as intended. To reduce the cost of care giving and improve care in general, embrace senior technology today.

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