Seniors Studying Technology

Seniors Studying Technology

Technology adoption rates decrease among older age groups. Senior citizens are less likely to participate in the technological era because of their refusal to learn about its rudiments. This may be due to the fact that technology is a very unfamiliar concept to seniors. As a consequence, they may be left out on the joys of having technology in their lives. If you happen to want to teach a senior on how to use technology, listed below are a few guidelines:

Show the value of technology

The key is to make the elders see that this tool is actually very valuable. With an increased pragmatic benefit, they will be more willing to learn all about it. You can explain that technology can be used to connect people all over the world. An old friend can just be one Skype call away. Technology can help them reconnect with people and improve their social lives from the comforts of their home. You can also reassure seniors by stating that there are apps that are specifically made to be used by seniors. These apps simplify frequently-used commands into just a click away.

Avoid technical jargons

Make a conscious effort to simplify things for elders. For instance, avoid overly complicated terms. If there is no substitute term for a specific word, opt for analogies instead. Bombarding them with unfamiliar terms may discourage them from taking a step towards learning about it. The litmus test to determine if you will be articulate is if you can explain the technical concepts to a 5-year-old.

Take it slow

Teaching seniors technology is similar to teaching any other average person an entirely new concept. It is recommendable to take it slow in terms of introducing things to seniors. For instance, you can begin with a discussion on how the online world generally works. You may also introduce one application at a time. A slower teaching pace allows them to ingest more information.

Show encouragement and patience

It is important to tread carefully with senior citizens. Any minor discomfort may lead them to abandon learning altogether. Applaud every victory that seniors make in their learning process, no matter how small. This will encourage them to pursue the learning process. Be prepared to answer all of their questions and show patience while doing so.

Provide free resources

There are multiple sites that seniors can refer to for more information about this matter. There are numerous blogs that provide tutorials on how to operate certain applications. They also talk about internet safety, which is an absolute necessity these days. Most of these sites and forums even have real-time customer support. The best part of it all is that this information is free and it can answer to the queries of senior loved ones whenever you are not around for them.

A limited knowledge about the internet and technology should not hinder seniors from enjoying its benefits. This knowledge gap can easily be remediated by a supportive relative or friend who is willing to partake technology knowledge.

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