Six Best Senior Living Apps That Every Senior Living Community Resident Must Have

Six Best Senior Living Apps That Every Senior Living Community Resident Must Have

In modern society, the mobile phones simplify many aspects of life. From children to seniors, there is an application that each member of the society can use to improve the quality of life. Education, health, transport and many other sectors are using mobile devices apps as a way to share information with people.

The older members of the society require care, and the senior living apps have enabled the caregivers to easily care for the residents. The applications for senior living are developed with simplicity, and therefore they can be used easily by the old people. Here are some of the senior living apps that help the quality of life for senior living.

  1. Realtime Senior Living

This is a solution that serves senior living communities and the people searching for the services of senior livingcaregivers. For the senior living communities, it allows them to market their services and those seeking an available option for their patients and families are able to find the service in real time.  The application can be downloaded from Google play store for Android users and the App Store for the Apple phones. You can learn more about this application via

  1. Medisafe Meds and Pill Reminder

This is easy to use application that allows senior members to keep track of medical conditions and also to stay safe and never forget to take their medicine. Therefore this is a must-have application to help the residents in the senior living communities to remember their medications, supplements, and the vitamins. It is a good application even for the senior living with caregivers or at home with the family.

  1. RunKeeper Mobile Application

This is an application that allows the seniors to keep track of their activities like walking and even those able to run to keep fit. It helps them by keeping them encouraged so that they continue and displays to them the track progress. Therefore, it is a senior living app that you can encourage the senior living community residents to have so that they keep track of their exercising.

  1. Pain Care

A free senior living app that is available for the android and iPhone, and allows the patient to electronically keep a record of what hurts them so that they can easily report to the physician. The user can update the intensity of the pain and therefore when they visit the physician, they can easily refer to the records.

  1. Personal Caregiver

This handy application allows the patient to easily track their medications. Additionally, they will get alerts from health centers and also FDA on important news such as recalls and new medications available. This is a good senior living app for the patients who are not ready to join the senior living communities.


This is a senior living app that allows the senior living community residents to easily remember their family tree. Therefore they will not forget the younger generations, and they can easily refer to the app anytime to know who is who.

These senior living apps will help improve the quality of life for the senior living community residents. Encourage the seniors to download the senior living apps.

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