Tech Products That Made Difference

Tech Products That Made Difference

Innovative technology devices nowadays like smartphones and even computers are not tailored to seniors. This is the reason why people who have been living during the pre-digital world were frustrated as they find difficulty in using devices.

The situation aggravates for someone whose sense of sight is not at its best. With this, it makes sense to design devices to be more adaptable and intuitive for everyone.

In an event held recently, the Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting, the organization presented technology breakthroughs. They claim that these products might make a difference for seniors.

Smart Glass

The first Smart Glasses was introduced by Google in 2013. This glass is indeed smart as it works just like a phone. It can receive and make phone calls, display Google search results, email, and maps as well as take videos and photos.

Due to being expensive and clunky, the Google Glass disappears. However, a Geriatrics Research Group had conducted a study about Google Glass. They want to transform the glass into something that will serve as a virtual assistant for seniors suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment.

They are trying to design it into something like a senior living technology that can be used to remind doctor’s appointments or medication reminders. The new design of the Google Glass will have built-in GPS directions and the name of an acquaintance will show up.

However, according to the group, seniors need to be trained on how to use smart glasses so that they will know how it will benefit them. The good news is that said that a new generation of smart glasses will be designed considering the older people.

Google Maps

Installing Google maps in assistive devices can be a great help to senior users. Through the ALIGN project conducted by the Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, they aim to develop a mobile app that will help older people through the outdoor route planning. The participants were asked what should be the priorities in terms of environmental hazards for seniors.

Among the list include the sidewalk condition, traffic signs issues, steps, and landscape that obstruct the pathway. Through the Align App, seniors, as well as those who are helping them, can easily plan the routes.

Tech Manuals

A research about the VA Palo Alto, Health Care System Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center was conducted. The objective of the research was to identify Teaching Seniors Technology that would be of help to people more than 65 years of age. They come up with a user-friendly manual that is easy to understand. The manual has the following features such as:

  • The font size of the manual is 14 points larger enough so that oldies can easily read it.
  • The video is actually demonstrated by a real person. Likewise, the photos jacks and switches built in the device.
  • The circles and arrows for the switches help to easily find the locations.

The research was conducted involving seniors and they were instructed to follow the instructions stated in the manual. This research also serves as a test to identify the usability issues related to older people.

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