Technology and Searching For The Right Care

Technology and Searching For The Right Care

Finding the right care home can be difficult. Once a care requirement is clear the next step is choosing the right home to meet those needs. Important areas to consider are services, facilities, location, atmosphere and home environment. The best way to feel reassured about the decision you are making is to visit one of our care homes in advance where you can look .

What type of care homes are there?

Care homes are run by local authorities, private firms and voluntary organizations. Some offer accommodation and help with personal care, while others offer nursing care too. Some specialize in mental illness, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Alternatives to a care home could include sheltered housing or extra care housing.

What exactly is Home Care?

As the name implies, home care is an all-encompassing term that includes medical and other services that are given to an elderly person that either needs partial or full care. Home care options often make it possible for an elderly person to remain at home instead of going to a nursing home or an extended recovery center.

Home care can include services such as:

  •        Personal Care. This includes assistance with the personal needs of the elderly person, such as bathing, grooming, moving around the home, exercising in and outside of the home and dressing.
  •        Health Care. The health care provided in home care options can be provided by nurses or even doctors sometimes. Health care can include treatments, medication, physical therapy, monitoring medical conditions and maintaining medical equipment that is installed in the home.
  •        Diet. This includes things like cooking, shopping for food-stuffs, meal planning and even assistance with meals outside of the home.
  •        House Care. Home care often goes beyond the physical and medical needs of the elderly person receiving the care. It often includes homecare services such as cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, repairs and home paperwork.
  •        Safety. Safety services are often provided in home care options. These services will include things like getting around town, telephone calls at various times of the day to check up and response teams when needed.

Looking through the list of potential services that could be offered, it is probably pretty clear that not every person that opts for home care will require all of these services. As well, not every community of home care providers offer all of these services. Often times, the elderly that opt for home care may need to go through multiple agencies and companies in order to get all the home care services that they require.

Always Keep in Mind That the Home Care Option Can End

As your body ages, the needs of your body will change as well. Often times, home care providers are only able to do so much at your home and they will sometimes recommend that you be moved to an elderly care facility in order to meet your specific needs. As well, people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia often find that home care is not an option at some point when it becomes too difficult to remember who is who.

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