The Best Mobile Phone for Seniors

The Best Mobile Phone for Seniors

What Are Mobile Phones For Seniors?

  • As a senior citizen, they may be afraid to buy a cell phone for a variety of reasons, including dexterity problems, Alzheimer’s disease or difficulty understanding technology. Cell phones have  over time gotten both smaller and bigger, more technologically advanced, and harder to use than a regular house phone.

Functions That Should Be In Mobile Phones of Seniors

  • Best Display. With a large 5.5-inch touchscreen easy-to-use smartphone is a fantastic choice for senior citizens who want something with a little extra while still getting the basics. It offers extra-large font and app icons for quick menu navigation.
  • Best Battery.  While senior citizens might not drain their phone batteries using Snapchat as fast as the rest of us, keeping them powered is more a matter of safety. A 5000mAh battery that will deliver an incredible performance is something to consider.
  • Best Keypad. A phone that offers just enough flash to not feel outdated while still offering the type of features and looks that seniors will love and a large numerical keypad that offers easy-to-find numbers and answer with end keys.

Best Smartphones For The Elderly and Seniors

iPhone 8 Plus.

The iPhone 8 Plus is one of the best smartphones for seniors because it is easy to use, it has an amazing screen and a ton of handy features that make it a great first smartphone. The Touch ID sensor lets your seniors log into their iPhone without their passcode, and they can also use built in tools to remember all of their other passwords that they need.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great smartphone for seniors because it offers a large screen in a small package and it is easy to use. This screen allows them to see more at once, or to make the text bigger, but still have a phone that is easy to hold with one hand.

Jitterbug Smart

The Jitterbug Smart is specifically made for seniors and it is available from Great Call. It is a very affordable smartphone and while it doesn’t have the best camera or the most storage, it is easy to use, has a big 5.5-inch display and is designed to make finding what you want easy, and easy to touch with a big screen and big icons.

Best No Frills


Snapfon is a name that’s not going to ring any bells with traditional phone buyers, but this device is designed to be the ideal device for the senior crowd. The plastic build is sturdy and feels comfortable in the hand. It has a large, rubbery, easy-to-use numeric keypad with answer and end buttons.

Best Keypad

Blu Joy

Blu Joy is an ideal candybar-style phone that offers just enough flash to not feel outdated while still offering the type of features and looks that seniors will love. Beneath the 2.4-inch display is a large numerical keypad that offers easy-to-find numbers and answer and end keys.

Benefits of Seniors Having Mobile Phones

  • Social Media Active- Introduce your elderly to a new way of connecting to family and friends. Reaching out to friends from the past and creating a broad social network can help your elderly stay active and energetic. Internet dating among seniors is also on the rise for those who’ve lost loved ones or are recently divorced.
  • Stay Connected to Grandkids- No one is more plugged into technology than kids and teens. Grandparents can use that to their advantage to forge a closer bond with their grandkids.
  • Social Outlets- As more seniors gain access to technology, the opportunities to connect with loved ones and people who share common interests are growing. And that’s good news for senior health as well as their social calendar.
  • Security- As financial outlets are investing in more secure platforms, seniors can feel more comfortable about banking online. This proves handy for loved ones as well, who can monitor transactions, make deposits, pay bills, and act quickly on suspect charges.
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