The Pros and Cons of Funeral Planning

The Pros and Cons of Funeral Planning

Some people decide to plan their own funerals to save their families grief. They
designate their funeral preferences and sometimes they pay it an advance. Some
people see it as an extension of their wills.
Advantages of Funeral Planning
Reducing the costs of funeral services. ​Funeral services can sometimes be costly. If
you were not able to prepare a funeral plan, you and your family will have to pay high
prices for the service.
Relieve your love ones from making hard decisions. ​Planning your funeral can
relieve your family during a difficult period. For instance, your family can be unsure as to
whether you would prefer burial or cremation. Things like this are important to consider
especially when your family is worried about making wrong decisions. All of those things
can be prevented when you have a funeral plan. With this, you can make all the
important decisions regarding your final arrangements.You can even decide whether or
not donate your organs or where you want to have your remains interred. Making these
decisions yourself will surely help your family getting involved in the right process.
Letting your family know what you want. ​Most common mistakes that people do is to
not have a funeral plan. It could give the consequence where the deceased’s wishes
about their funeral service could not be known or could not be taken into account. By
having a funeral plan and documenting clearly what you want for your funeral can
ensure that these problems could be avoided.
Avoiding the financial burden of funeral costs. ​You can pay your funeral
pre-planning in advance. Given the expenses associated with funerals, you can lessen
the burden of your family by discharging those funeral costs after your death could be a
great help to them.
There are three main options that you can choose from to pay for your funeral.
● Set aside an amount of money to pay for the plan
● Your family assists you in paying for the plan
● Arranging an insurance to cover the cost of the plan

Disadvantages of Funeral Planning
Non-refundable. ​Your funeral insurance policy cannot be refunded. If you cancel it or
fail to meet your obligations, the covered services of the policy might be forfeited. If this
happens, your insurance company has no obligation to reimburse or refund your the
money you paid for it.
Price increase.​ The cost of a funeral insurance services and products may not be
locked-in. This is why it is important to find out first from your insurance partner if the
price has the potential to increase. With this, your policy could be forfeited if you may
not meet or afford the price increase.
Availability of products and services. ​When preparing a funeral plan, you are
required to chose certain products and services, like urns, which sometimes may not be
available at the time of your funeral.
Choosing the wrong plan. ​Not every pre-funeral plan is perfect for you. Sometimes,
there are funeral homes that their coordinators would overcharge the person applying
for it for their services or products. So before applying, do extra research.
Planning for your death.​ This is the most understandable disadvantage on the list. Not
everyone likes the idea of planning their own funeral. This can be very unsettling for the
one being planned for and the family members.
In conclusion, with the information stated above, there are many reasons why preparing
your funeral plan is considered to be a great idea. Yes, there are some cons, but this
con can be avoided if we do extra work, discussion with the family, and extra research
about the plan you were applying for. It is still best to talk about this with your family and plan together.

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