Things To Know About Senior Care – Hospice Care

Things To Know About Senior Care – Hospice Care

Hospice Care provides compassionate care for people who are in the final phases of an incurable disease for them to live more comfortably as possible as it is. They offer a personalized care which is given by professional staff or volunteers that looks after their emotional and social needs.

Benefits of Hospice Care

Medical Care. In Hospice Care communities nurses are assigned to  each patient to take care of their medical and personal needs.

Prevents Hospitalization.  Hospice Care reduces hospitalizations for they provide a more controlled and balanced setting for care.

Family and Friends Involvement. Unlike other care facilities, hospice care are able to visit whenever they want for their loved one. This also allows them to be involved and keep everyone aware of what their dying loved one’s wishes are.

24/7 Availability. This is a great benefit for families because they can have medical professional who can attend to their loved one to give what they need, whether it is a medical attention, food, or even companionship.

Practical Help. Medical professionals and volunteers can help in doing such grocery, shopping and even for running errands.

Reduces Expenses. Your private insurance especially medicare and medicaid typically cover the expense of these necessary items for hospice patients.

Services of Hospice Care

Hospice Nurses. Hospice nurses include registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. They provide care in a variety of different roles. They provide medical care, pain management, and emotional support based on the patient’s wishes.

Hospice Social Worker. Hospice Social Worker assists the patient on emotional issues. They help patients fill out their directives and help families with funeral arrangements.

Medical Equipment. Common medical equipment used in hospice care include hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, oxygen equipment, and blood pressure monitors.

Medical Supplies. Hospice medical supplies include briefs, pads, gloves, bandages, oxygen supplies, and personal care products like shampoo, soap, and barrier creams.

Physical Therapy. This improves physical, social, and emotional well -being.

Hospice care is a special program especially for patients who are dying and ill. It is meant for people who have 4 months or less to live. Hospice Care centers aims to make the patient comfortable, lessen the pain they are experiencing, and also support the family through a difficult time.

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