Uber for Seniors – The Real Facts

Uber for Seniors – The Real Facts

The innovation brought by the advent of technology has made living in this world more convenient and productive. Gone are the days when we dial our telephones and wait for the pizza guy to deliver our favorite snack. Nowadays, even if you do not own a car, you need not hail a cab, technology has made it very easy to hire a cab and go wherever you go. With just a smartphone, you can do many things that you think were not possible before. One of these many interesting innovations is the application called Uber. What is this application and how can it impact the lives of the seniors.

Uber and Seniors

Nowadays, we have countless innovative smartphone applications. One of the most popular is the smartphone app known as Uber. The app allows you to instantly connect with a driver who will take you to your destination. This app is popular among a particular demographic known as Millennials. However, it is interesting to note that over the past years, the rate of seniors using this app has steadily increased.

Seniors and Technology

There is an old notion that seniors tend to shy away from new technology. However, many studies recently revealed that there is a growing interest among seniors in using these latest innovations. One good example is the app Uber. This app has become viral in this type of age group. One Uber driver shares that 40 percent of her clients are seniors and one of them is a 93-years old woman who enjoyed the convenience of Uber.

Most often, seniors are dependent on their family members or neighbors to drive them to places. Uber has become an affordable option for seniors to gain their independence once again. This is especially applicable to seniors who are no longer comfortable sitting behind the wheel. With the application, our dear loved ones have to opportunity to get a ride in going to a doctor’s appointment, visiting malls, or going to a grocery store.

Benefits of Uber

The smartphone app Uber has several advantages that those using it enjoy. This includes the ease of use when you are using it. Even if you are not a tech-savvy, if you know how to follow instructions, you will find that the app is extremely easy to use. This can be downloaded from the Google Play or iPhone App Store. In addition, Uber has very helpful features including a fare estimate that will give you an idea of how much you are going to spend on a particular trip. Another interesting feature that Uber offers is safety. Uber drivers have passed certain requirements and soon the company will allow seniors to access their backgrounds.

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