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Are You a Facility Owner, Manager or Marketer or Senior Services Business Owner?

Our Update App makes it simple, fast and easy to share your available rooms or services to those searching 24/7, giving you precious time back to focus on what matters most - caring for your residents.  This solution serves any size senior living community, residential care home, and services supporting the senior industry.

What Our App Can Do for You

  • Showcase your facility or business on our map  and search results
  • Shows picture, bed availability, care options, starting pricing, accepting Medicaid and more
  • Prioritizes search based on criteria selected by the searcher (Matches starting at 100%)
  • Allows searcher to use email or print options for sharing
  • Tracks number of searches for your facility or business

Your Benefits

  • Used by hospitals, rehabs, hospices, case managers, placement professionals, fiduciaries, families and more…
  • Directly connect to you, with no referral fee paid to Realtime Senior Living
  • Low costs - high return marketing
  • Your valuable time recovered as your site availability and business services are always up to date and searchable
  • “Find Us Here” marketing materials available to share with your referral sources
200,000+ searches
Thousand searching every month
Simple Update
Maximize Exposure and Tracking

It’s simple and Easy to Update Your Availability – Watch The Video!

Simple, Fast and Easy.

Your Direct Connection to Available Options ™️

Our Update App serves all senior living facilities including residential care homes and communities.


Thanks to your app we are at capacity as of today

Mary I. – Residential Care Home Owner

Very user friendly, less than five minutes to register and update my availability.  I can absolutely see the value in this new innovative concept and look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

Chekela T. – Residential Care Home Owner

Thank you for helping us (assisted living owners/managers)!
It is so easy to update my availability and I tell everyone about it!

Ben. P. – Residential Care Home Owner

This is the first solution that makes Real Sense for Home Owners! I don't have to use different apps or online tools to share my availability - and it's affordable!

Shawn H. – Residential Care Home Owner

I tell all my referral partners, hospice, and case managers to use the app. They are excited when they learn about this great app! Everyone should be using it!

Joni G. – Marketer - Community

Took me a minute to update my availability - then I'm back to running my business - THANK YOU!!

Jake C. – Residential Care Home Owner

Now I can focus on running my business and not texting or calling agents! - This is amazing and so needed!

Al W. – Residential Care Home Owner

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