FAQ for Facilities App

How do I register my home for this application?

Both residential care homes and communities will register for the use of this application. To register a senior living facility:

1) download the Realtime Senior Living™ – Facility application from your appropriate application store for your mobile device (Apple or Google).

2) Accept the terms and conditions.

3) Provide payment information. Upon validation, you will be sent a code to finalize the registration.

Who will use this information?

This information will be utilized by organizations such as hospitals, doctors, and placement agencies to provide their clients with a list of facilities with current availability. These users will query for rooms available in a certain geography that meet their care and room criteria.

As a medical service provider or elder care advisor how do I gain access to this information?

Industry professionals (such as senior professionals, social workers, case managers, and placement agents will register on our website and provide user ID and password. After that, download the Reatltime Senior Living™ Query App to their phone; enabling them to perform a query search for available rooms based on the location, price and services required.

How do I report an available room?

It simple – select the Yes button on the “Do you have rooms available right now?” within the Realtime Senior Living™ – Facilities App and enter necessary information such as type of care, Room/bathroom/services specifics, Medicaid y/n, and price range. Also, you may choose from the drop-down menu – select Your vacancies and add or remove room information.

How are available rooms prioritized?

Senior living options that match the criteria set by the professional searching available options will allow the professional to sort by percentage matched (relevance), price and vacancy date from the information provided by the facility to Realtime Senior Living™.

I do not have an immediate opening - when do I sign up for the App?

Today! How great would it be to post your opening immediately when it comes open and list the date the vacancy is available? Downloading the App today, allows you to post current and future openings to your community.

How do I report an issue?

To report an issue, click on the support button on your phone or our website and that will enable you to send us an email to support@RealtimeSL.com.

What is the pricing?

The subscription service is paid yearly/annually. It is the equivalent of $25 per month.

Who can view my community or care home?

Professionals seeking senior living options will be able to use the Realtime Senior Living™ Query App to see current and future openings within all listed communities and care homes; all in real-time. Ensure your community or care home is visible, up-to-date and included in all future searches:

1. Ability to search by city, zip code, gender, room type, care provided & financial needs (including Medicaid and Respite options), and much more!

2. Obtain accurate information and photo for each available option that meets their search criteria.

3. Access all contact details including phone number and address to contact you directly.

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