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Contact: Julie Armstrong FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/1/17
Company Name: Realtime Senior Living
Also known as: RealtimeSL
Phone: 480-332-7916


‘Realtime’ Concept Supports Senior Living Industry Phoenix, AZ (December 1, 2017) – Arizona-based Company creates new technology to support and enhance the senior living location services industry. Realtime Senior Living (RealtimeSL) launches a two new Apps. Both Apps can be found on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The Facility App serves the needs of care homes and senior communities to market their facility, their room availability, in addition to highlighting the amenities and advantages. The Search App allows those searching available openings within care homes and senior communities to see types of care offered, vacant rooms, price range and more. Both Apps are available on smart phones or tablets.

Each App is designed to provide the user quick access to the information they need to make decisions and provide Realtime room readiness. RealtimeSL search saves time and worry for the user and fills rooms faster for care homes and senior communities.

The Apps are being touted as the technology solution for businesses in the senior living arena. Our solution serves any size residential care home or senior living community. Directly connecting those with rooms to those searching. RealtimeSL Owner and Innovator, App Innovator Steve Gilbert states, “The days of searching online and reviewing outdated information will soon be a thing of the past with our simple tools that match all available options to those searching faster.”

RealtimeSL is proud to offer the easy-to-use technology solution for the senior industry; not only for care homes and senior communities – Facility App but professionals and families searching senior living options – Search App. The RealtimeSL mantra is “Our Technology – Your Solution – Our App – Your Direct Connection.”

Steve Gilbert further commented, “If you have ever tried to find or relocate a senior or aging family member you know the process is not simple. RealtimeSL does just that – makes it simple. While most referral sources require individuals to disclose personal information, the RealtimeSL App does not require any information so there is no threat of any information being shared or sold.”

About RealtimeSL

RealtimeSL was formed by Steve Gilbert after a personal event with an aging family member and finding the right placement to meet the basic care needed. This prompted them to recognize the need for better options within the senior referral industry. Leading them to start a senior living referral service to assist families to find quality care to meet their financial needs. Their priority was to find the right fit with current availability.

After three years serving families throughout Arizona, and discovering the time commitment it takes providers and searchers to fill vacancies, they knew they had to modify the process. Steve set out to develop a way to directly connect communities to those searching for specialized care that matched their financial range. After identifying there were over 1000+ senior living options in the Phoenix and surrounding areas covering Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Residential Care Homes and Small Care Homes, Realtime Senior Living was born.

Steve knew there was a solution to close the loop between residential care homes and senior communities and those searching the current vacancies. Today, Realtime Senior Living is that solution.