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Facility and Business Owner App

Are You a Facility Owner, Manager or Marketer or Senior Services Business Owner?

Sharing and updating your availability to those searching is now Simple and Fast right from the palm of your hand.


One update to thousands searching including all of your referral sources and more, giving you critical time back to focus on what matters most...caring for your residents and business.


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What Our App Can Do for You

  • Showcase your facility or business on our map  and search results
  • Shows picture, bed availability, care options, starting pricing, accepting Medicaid and more
  • Prioritizes search based on criteria selected by the searcher (Matches starting at 100%)
  • Allows searcher to use email or print options for sharing
  • Tracks number of searches for your facility or business

Your Benefits

  • Used by hospitals, rehabs, hospices, case managers, placement professionals, fiduciaries, families and more…
  • Directly connect to you, with no referral fee paid to Realtime Senior Living
  • Low costs - high return marketing
  • Your valuable time recovered as your site availability and business services are always up to date and searchable
  • “Find Us Here” marketing materials available to share with your referral sources
200,000+ searches
Thousand searching every month
Simple Update
Maximize Exposure and Tracking

It’s simple and Easy to Update Your Availability – Watch The Video!

Senior Living Facilities


Simple, Fast and Easy.

Your Direct Connection to Available Options ™️

Our Facility App serves all senior living facilities including residential care homes and communities.


Thanks to your app we are at capacity as of today

Mary I. – Residential Care Home Owner

Very user friendly, less than five minutes to register and update my availability.  I can absolutely see the value in this new innovative concept and look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

Chekela T. – Residential Care Home Owner

Thank you for helping us (assisted living owners/managers)!
It is so easy to update my availability and I tell everyone about it!

Ben. P. – Residential Care Home Owner

This is the first solution that makes Real Sense for Home Owners! I don't have to use different apps or online tools to share my availability - and it's affordable!

Shawn H. – Residential Care Home Owner

I tell all my referral partners, hospice, and case managers to use the app. They are excited when they learn about this great app! Everyone should be using it!

Joni G. – Marketer - Community

Took me a minute to update my availability - then I'm back to running my business - THANK YOU!!

Jake C. – Residential Care Home Owner

Now I can focus on running my business and not texting or calling agents! - This is amazing and so needed!

Al W. – Residential Care Home Owner

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